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In 2021, Enchanting Productions delighted audiences with the wonderful, well-known story of “The Secret Garden”, set to music by Grammy Award-winning Lucy Simon.  It captured our hearts with its beautiful melodies and moving story of mystery and love.  More photos in "Gallery".

The Secret Garden - Spring Version

A stunning cast gathered for this once-in-a-lifetime season of “The Secret Garden” including renowned New York singer Madeline Bender playing Lily, Nigel Withington playing Archibald Craven, James Foster as Dr Craven, Rory Sweeney and Kimberley Wood playing Mary’s parents, Maria Morris and Zachary Pearce (both from NASDA) playing Martha and Dickon, Blair McHugh- the gardener, and Francesca Pashby- the housekeeper. 

Meet the cast

Secret Garden-34.jpg

Fabulous Team

An Experience to Remember

Great Hall.jpg

Staged in the beautiful location of Christchurch's historic Great Hall in the Arts Centre, "The Secret Garden" was truly an enchanting event.

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