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This beautiful musical weaves a tale of love, loss and lies around the amazing true story of the Cottingley Fairies, the hoax that fooled Sherlock Holmes' creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle...

What made the creator of the great Sherlock Holmes believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden?

Before doctored images of alien craft, Princess Kate's edited family pics or deep fakes, two children offered the world the proof it dared to hope existed...  


The Cast

Elsie Van Dorsen - Ali Harper

Edward Coleshaw - Roy Snow

Polly Van Dorsen - Sophie Landis

Henry Coleshaw - Oscar Parkes

Arthur Conan Doyle - Blair McHugh

Toby - Elijah Moore

The Musicians

Piano - Paul Graham Brown
Violin - Henry Nicholson
'Cello and double bass - Gerald Oliver
Flute and clarinet - Georgina Rees-Stevenson
Bassoon - Gabriel Baird

The Creative Team

Director - Louise Glossop
Author, Composer and Musical Supervision - Paul Graham Brown
Orchestrations - Gabriel Baird


Photographer - Darin Young
Poster designer - Jane Blatchford

The Committee

Sara Hearne
Anna Grace
Ben Glossop
Louise Glossop
Stephen Tomlinson



Philip Aldridge ONZM

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