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Highlights from Backstage Review:

“Paul Graham Brown has written a terrific show full of charm, excitement, and memorable music. Thank you, Enchanting Productions, for bringing us a taste of something no one else has had yet.”

“The music was lush and the lyrics were clever, my favourite combination!”

“Gabriel Baird’s orchestrations were wonderful and added lovely depth and dimension to the songs. The chamber ensemble gave the show a lovely intimate feel, and felt like a fairy presence: they were situated upstage from the actors, behind a foliage screen so we couldn’t see them but knew they were always there.”

“The small amount of choreography was delightful and created a lovely lift in act two, Amy Potts did a splendid job.”

“It is so exciting to have the opportunity to see a brand new piece of work, and the calibre of this show is remarkably high.”

“Ali Harper radiated charm and elegance, two things which she is well known for on and off stage. She imbued her character with nuance and grace.”

“Roy Snow is…in demand as a leading man. Indeed, he has stepped right off the Court Theatre’s stage onto this one.”

“It is fun to see Oscar [Parkes] playing another young British boy…he brought lovely naïveté to his portrayal of Henry, as well as a sense of melancholy lurking just below the surface.”

“Sophie Landis demonstrated incredible skill as a young actor; she was riveting to watch…”

“Blair [McHugh] brought a terrific gravitas and presence to the stage portraying the famous author [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]. Elijah [Moore]’s delivery of this small role reminded me so much of Thomas Barrow from Downton Abbey…”

“Paul Graham Brown has written a terrific show full of charm, excitement, and memorable music. How lucky are we that we have the opportunity to see this show first, before the rest of the world welcomes it into the international musical theatre cannon.”


Highlights from the Theatreview Review:

“Although based on the famous 1920s investigations into the Cottingley Fairies (‘recorded’ at the bottom of a rural English garden), Paul Graham Brown’s musical drama is interested in a wider social context. Moreover, a fine chamber ensemble orchestrated by Gabriel Baird lifts the experience to another dimension.”

“An exceptionally strong cast handles both scripted action and the music that so confidently enhances it with assurance.”

“Ali Harper, brings radiance of her own…”

“Both [Roy Snow and Ali Harper] add fine vocal colour in their musical encounters.”

“…the spirited Sophie Landis as Polly and Oscar Parkes’ nicely controlled Henry. Blair McHugh as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is in top form and voice as the authority figure, ably supported by Elijah Moore as Toby.”

“Musically and in terms of the characterisation she directs, Louise Glossop’s production is colourfully secure.”


Audience Member:

“Highly recommend going to see it! Time just flew as I was so engrossed.” – Kim Wood

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