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Meet the Team

Bringing many years of experience with them, Louise and Amy are delighted to be joining forces for their third collaboration to be the creative team behind Oliver! Jr.


Enchanting Productions
Junior Company


We are excited to be launching the Enchanting Productions Junior Company from the beginning of 2024 to provide weekly training and rehearsals for 10-18 year olds interested in musical theatre.  The musical we'll work toward performing in October is Oliver! Jr

Performances: 19 October 2024 at The Piano.

Announcing our talented cast for Oliver! Jr

Mr Bumble - Oliver Trollip

Widow Corney - Grace Robertson

Oliver Twist - Ben Cumberpatch

Mr Sowerberry - Reuben Oh

Mrs Sowerberry - Bella Cutforth

Charlotte - Savannah Dallison

Noah Claypole - Thomas Flavall

Artful Dodger - Jesse Clifford

Captain - Alexander Evans

Handwalker - Jessica Whitehead

Charlie Bates - Mack Holcroft

Fagin - Reuben Oh

Nipper - Benjamin Qin

Nancy - Maddie Glossop

Bet - Lottie Liken

Mr Brownlow - Euan McVicar

Bill Sikes - Albie Anderson

Chairperson - Scarlett Gardner

Mrs Bedwin - Mica Temple

Milkmaid - Echo Holden

Strawberry Seller - Bella Cutforth

Knife Grinder - Thomas Flavall

Rose Seller - Annabelle Laurenson

Dr Grimwig - Grace Robertson

Matron- Scarlett Gardner

Old Sally - Ruby Connor

Maid - Sophie Jacobs

Lamplighter - Olivia Liu

Delivery Person - Bea Holt


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