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A musical about fairies, families, fears and photographs

Sophie and fairy 2 Web.jpg

Elsie Van Dorsen - Ali Harper

Edward Coleshaw - Roy Snow

Polly Van Dorsen - Sophie Landis

Henry Coleshaw - Oscar Parkes

Arthur Conan Doyle - Blair McHugh

Toby - Elijah Moore

The Band

Piano - Paul Graham Brown
Violin - Henry Nicholson
Bass - Gerald Oliver
Woodwind - Georgina Rees-Stevenson
Bassoon - Gabriel Baird

The Creative Team

Director - Louise Glossop
Author, Composer and Musical Supervision - Paul Graham Brown
Orchestrations - Gabriel Baird


Photographer - Darin Young
Poster designer - Jane Blatchford

The Committee

Sara Hearne
Anna Grace
Ben Glossop
Louise Glossop
Stephen Tomlinson



Philip Aldridge

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